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On Friday, May 20th, 2011 we went to school at 10 o´clock, then we went by coach from Sattledt to Salzburg Airport. There we checked in and flew London Gatwick.
From Gatwick Airport a coach took us to Worthing/Durrington. In the evening we met our host families. We ate dinner with the host families and then we went to bed. Next day we went to London by train. First we went to the Tower, where we saw the Crown Jewels and armour from the middle ages. In front of the Tower we saw Tower Brigde. It opened to let a big ship pass. In the afternoon we went to Madame Tussaud’s. There we saw many famous people made of wax. They all looked very real. Then we went to Buckingham Palace,  to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. On Sunday we went to Portsmouth Harbour. First we went to the Mary Rose Museum. At lunch time we made a boat trip through the harbor where we saw the battleships of the Royal Navy.  At last we went to the HMS Victory and to the action stations. On Monday we went to school at 9 o´clock. We were in four groups with our teachers Mike, Nick, Janet and Annette. In the afternoon we went along the beach to Worthing town centre. On Tuesday we went bowling in Worthing, and then we could go shopping. On Wednesday we went to Brighton by train. There we went to the Sea Life Centre, where we watched a lot of sea animals. In the afternoon we went to the beach. On Thursday we had our last two school lessons and in the afternoon we had to do a treasure hunt in twelve groups. We had to answer 25 questions - it was a little bit difficult. Later we went to a coffee shop to drink Cream Tea and eat a little cake. It was a great week, with our host family. On Friday we got up at 6 o’clock and we went to the station. We went by coach to the airport. After the check- in we went home by plane. From Salzburg we went home by bus. In Sattledt our parents were waiting for us. For us it was a beautiful and exciting week.
Alessa Hödl, Christopher Brandstötter, Julia Spörer, Michael Obermann
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